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Welcome to my Website! :>

Hello! I'm Jecket (also known as Rya/Ryzzica) and I am an average* dev hobbyist around... various things! (Mostly gaming.)

I am currently updating the website to be a lot nicer, slowly but surely...!
Apologies to those who view the site on a smaller screen. I will fix it soon!!


If there's any game that lets me screw around in a sandbox of some sort, then it's going to be in my purchase list. With that said, I especially like games such as Little Big Planet, Minecraft, Rivals of Aether and NotITG!

I also do SM64 Rom-Hacking! Whilst I haven't worked much on my rom hacks in the past few years, I really do love making levels in one of my favorite childhood games. It's pretty much the reason I know how to 3D-Model (to an extent).

Other than that, I love messing around with backend stuff and making in-app shenanigans! I also like creating things for ease-of-access, which can range from simple single-page tools to a whole application and alike. (...I have plans!!! soon)


My Works
My NotITG Files



Update 27/04/24: Tiny website update! Some new projects will be linked here soon...!